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Audrey's Debut Book "A.S.K."


Learn the biblical way to ask while changing your beliefs and behaviors!

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You A.S.K. and do not receive ...(James 4:3)

You may have thought that when you ask God for something that automatically puts you in a position to receive from Him and with your arms wide open, you wait. But He has been waiting for you! Have you ever considered that what you understand asking to be does not line up with the biblical definition of asking? He said, "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it" (John 14:14). It is possible you have been asking amiss (incorrectly).


A.S.K. was birthed out of a conversation with a friend where the LORD instructed me to tell them to "A.S.K. and HE would do it.” "I DID ASK,”  they said but like her and myself, understanding the true sense and concept of asking can be missing for so many of us. This conversation turned into a bible study series. And the bible study series turned into this book!




Let me just say that ASK is an absolutely must read.  Pastor Audrey makes the reader feel comfortable with her on vulnerability shared within the pages.  Her story is relatable, I felt like I was seeing myself in many of her examples and it was refreshing to see that kind of transparency from a writer around such an elusive subject like: prayer.  This book is a timely gift to my personal walk with the LORD and could not have been released to me at a better time.  Thank you Pastor for your obedience.  I look forward to having my prayers answered like never before. 

- Stacey W., Phoenix

"The chapters that I've read thus far were OMazing!!! I'm not just saying that because Pastor Audrey is a mentor of mine! I loved the transparency, examples, and breaking down of scriptures. That cleanser analogy was like Campbell soup mmmm mmmm good lol....Let's just say I am ready for her collaboration with YouVersion. Much success to you Pastor Audrey!"

- Crystal K., Los Angeles

If you’re wondering why your prayers haven’t been answered, this is a must read! A.S.K. is a spiritual guide that will help you gain victory in prayer and your personal faith journey. This book helped me gain clarity, direction, and exercise good discipline for good God success. After reading this book, I promise you will never A.S.K. the same way again!

- Diana C., Los Angeles

The ASK or Ask, Seek, Knock book written by pastor & first Lady Audrey Black is both a jarring and inspirational piece of literature written for any believer looking to step up their level of faith. Providing both clear explanation and instruction on why certain things may not be manifesting in your life, and how to change it. This book is written for any believer in Christ looking to grow closer to God and reach new heights within their own spiritual and natural growth. 

- Christian B., Fontana 

This book was so on time for me. I believe that every believer should read this book. I'm sure it will change the way you go to God when you pray and how you A.S.K.

- Erica B., Dallas

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ASK, an absolute must-read. The information in this book will definitely change the way you think and how you view things. I know for a fact that the minute you apply this information to your life, miracles WILL happen. 

- Aisja R., Compton

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of A.S.K and wow, what a powerful yet practical way to teach the Body of Christ, how to get an answer and a breakthrough! The book will help the new Believer and seasoned Saint. I really enjoyed the correlation of the Word, testimony and revelation that Pastor Audrey used. I can't wait to read the rest...

- Shauna L., Fontana

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