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A.S.K. was first birth out of a normal everyday conversation with a friend, where the LORD instructed me to tell them to” A.S.K. and HE would do it.” I knew their response would be” I DID ASK” however, understanding the true sense and concept of asking can be missing for so many of us. This initial conversation would eventually be the foundation for creating a whole bible teaching series which gave clear instruction that when we A.S.K. we may be asking amiss.

You A.S.K. and do not receive …(James 4:3)

You may have thought, when you ask God for something, that automatically puts you in position to receive from Him and with your arms wide open, you wait. Waiting for God to hand you what you have been asking for, right? And if it takes longer than what you anticipated, discouraged, you assume He has not heard you. I understand, this is how I use to ask also.

Those assumptions are incorrect. He has been waiting for you! Have you ever considered, what you understand asking to be, does not line up with the biblical definition of asking? He said, "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." (John 14:14) Is it possible you have been asking amiss? (incorrectly)

A.S.K. and it shall be given to you (Matthew 7: 7)

By the end of ASK, you will learn the biblical way to ask while changing your beliefs and behaviors. You'll learn strategies of success, and how to identify ways of God so there is no misunderstanding on whether He hears you. Are you ready? Say this with me, this book, is helping me to receive from God, in a whole new way, just because I ASKed! Let's Go!

A.S.K. Book

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